Heat Pump Never Reaches Desired Room Temperature

Heat pump never reaches the desired temperature means In winter if the temperature is set to 71O but the room temperature isn’t crossing 69o it is one the most common problems in heat pumps.

When the outside temperature reaches around 0 degrees our heat pumps cannot make for the loss of heat. In the cold winter months even the properly working heat pumps may have trouble in maintaining the desired heat temperature.

 When the temperature inside the room drops below 2o supplemental heat comes into existence which reduces the difference to 1.5o this is the way heat pumps normally work.

If it is not that cod outside and your heat pump is still not able to maintain the desired temperature then are might be a defect in your system.

The difference of 2o F is negligible if there is much more difference than that there might is a problem in your heat pump.

There are several reasons why your heat pump is not able to reach the set temperature.

 1. Check settings

If the heat pump was cooling the room properly during summer but is not working during the summer months there is a chance that you have not changed the settings of your thermostat.

2. Dirty filters

If the filters are not clean they make the heat pump to work harder to cool the home and reduce the efficiency of your system by 20%-30% so heat pump might not be able to reach the desired temperature.

4. Power source

Check the main power switch or the breaker box to make sure that heat pump is getting the power properly also make sure that there are no broken wires inside the circuit.

5. Thermostat not working

Change the batteries of the thermostat to make sure that it gets the required energy to control your heat pump. Heat pump may not be able to reach the desired temperature if there is any defect in your thermostat call a professional to check the thermostat.

6. Blocked air flow

The air flow inside the unit might have blocked. Blocked air flow affects the functioning of the heat pump. Air flow gets blocked due to.

• Blocked vents
• Outdoor unit blocked by leaves, debris or snow.
• Compressor not running properly.
• Improperly sized equipment s.

7. Other causes

There are various other reasons like:

• Open windows or open spaces for the outside air to enter inside the house.
• Outdoor unit ice up
• Heat pump not been serviced
• Bad compressor valves and poor reversing valves.

Some of the above problems can be solved by the common people while some of them should be left out for the HVAC professionals to handle the problem.



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