Health Hazards Due To Dirty Or Clogged Filters

Air conditioners have air filters which must be cleaned and replaced at regular time period. People normally ignore their dirty air filters, ignoring them for a longer time period can cause lot more issues than people can actually imagine.

If your air filters are dirty they not only reduce the air supply, poor efficiency, wear and tear your unit but can also be the reason of various health problems in your house

Air filters are the source for the air to enter in to the house. Filters remove dirt, dust and debris filters are dirty. Air reaching inside the house will not be free of pollutants and can result in health issues. Quality of the air in your home is one risk that you can do something about and it can be as simple as changing your air conditioning filters.

Quality of the air you and your family can be increased just by changing the air filters of your house. Dirty air filters result in dirty duct work and which results in building up of mound inside the duct work. Supply vents will be full of dust, tobacco, smoke and pet hair which can result in respiratory problems.

Unclean air filters can result in build up of allergens like fungi, pollen and bacteria. Survey conducted by the EPA says that indoor air pollutants is one of the top five reasons for environmental risk to public health. If the filters are not changed they can result in various respiratory issues like bronchitis, asthma hypersensitivity pneumonia.

Dirty air filters are reason for common problems like head ache, dry eyes, nasal congestion and fatigue. It is more harmful for the elders and small children of your house.

 When you change your filters every month you are playing an important role in helping your family stay healthy. Clean air filters do not allow allergens to be cycled inside your home and they also do not allow the build up in your duct work.

Keeping your air filters is important as the effects of dirty air filters are hazardous, by cleaning the air filters regularly you are ensuring that your family is avoiding various problems, keeping your energy bills down and increasing the life of your air conditioning system which will help you in saving large amount of money.




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