Geothermal Heat Pumps Unit

Geo thermal heat pumps are also termed as ground source heat pump (GSHP). In geothermal heat pumps earth works as the source of heat, they make use of the earth temperature instead of the outside air temperature. These are one of the most eco friendly heating and cooling systems. Geo thermal heat pumps can be used in residential as well as commercial buildings.

Ground source heat pumps make use of the heat absorbed by earth from the sun. It is more energy efficient as Underground temperature is less fluctuating then air temperature. In geo thermal heat transferred into or outside the earth to heat or cool the room. though geothermal pumps are expensive to install the energy but being energy efficient the savings done can easily make up for the earlier expensive cost.

Types of geothermal heat pumps

Horizontal closed loop

In this system more land is required than any other system. This system is suitable for residential areas or rural areas where large space is available. In this system two pipes are buried inside the ground.

Vertical closed loop

This system is used where limited land area is available. This system is used in large commercial buildings. The size and number of boreholes also varies according to the land where they need to be installed, the heat dispersion and the size of the heat pump.

Open loop system

In open lop system well water is used as the source to generate heat. In this system heat is directly generated from the well water. Open loop systems are suitable for those places where plenty of ground water is available. In this system two wells are drilled to reach the water source and to install the pipes.

Closed loop system

This system is suitable for the areas with water sources like pond or lake. In this system loop field isn’t buried inside the ground rather it is submerged inside the water. Pipes are in the form of coils to stop the water from freezing.


• Underground heat exchanger(Ground loop)

It is system of piper called as loop. These ground loop pipes carry the heated fluid to the heat pump furnace unit in the home.

• Heat pump unit

In this system heat is extracted from the earth surface, and it also helps to improve the consistency of the heat. In winter heat is pumped inside the home and the pulled outside during the summer.

• Duct work

Heat generated is moved inside the house through the duct work.

Working of heat pump

Geothermal heat pumps make us of the earth energy to heat or cool your house based on the temperature set in the electronic thermostat.
Heat is extracted from the ground by the ground loop. This heat is then transferred to the heat pump unit and then moved into the distribution system to heat your home.

The process is reversed during the summer when the heat is moved into the ground to cool the house.


• Geo thermal heat pumps are much more energy efficient as they reduce the energy consumption.
• These pumps cause less harm to the environment.
• Geothermal heat pump systems are reasonably warranted by manufacturers.
• Carbon dioxide generated from these systems is lesser than other heating systems
• By reducing the demand on electric utilities, geothermal systems reduce the need for new power plants
• Heating cost of heat pumps is lower so they help to increase the savings.


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