Gas Furnace Unit

Furnaces are used during winter to heat the room. Gas furnace converts gas into heat. Gases work as a fuel for the furnace they help in generating heat. Gas furnace starts working when the room temperature falls below the programmed temperature in thermostat. Furnaces work either on natural or on propane gas. Pilot light works as the source of ignition in a furnace.

As they use gas as a fuel they are much more economical then an electric furnace. Gas furnace is the best choice for the home containing duct work.

Components of a gas furnace

Main components of a gas furnace are Igniter, burner, heat exchanger and Plenum. Pilot light is the source of ignition in a gas furnace. Burner is used to burn the gas present in the furnace. Cool air present inside the home is collected in the furnace. The heat generated from burning fuel warms the colder air inside the heat exchanger.

Working of a gas furnace

Gas present inside the furnace is ignited with the help of pilot light. In burner fuel and air mix with each other and combustion is created.

Heat exchanger is placed right above the combustion chamber, which makes it easy for the exchanger to absorb as much heat as possible generated in the combustion process. Heat generated is circulated through the duct system to warm your home or business place.


• Gas furnaces are more popular than any other heating systems in the market.
• Gas heaters are more economical and energy efficient.
• Gas furnaces cause lesser harm to the environment.
• Life span of gas furnace is more than other furnaces.





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