Furnace Tune

 Furnace tune-up helps in ensuring safety and increasing the efficiency of your system. A furnace requires regular maintenance. A thorough tune up of the system in every few years will help in increasing the life of your furnace.

A complete tune-up process costs more than 100$. To avoid the tune-up process you can schedule the regular yearly maintenance of your system. A complete furnace tune-up consists of inspection of unit for leak, cleaning or replacing or repairing your unit.

A complete tune-up process of your furnace comprises of

1. Inspection

Inspection consists of complete check of your furnace to find out if there are any defects inside the system. It includes inspecting the igniters, flame sensor, burner of your unit. The flames colour should be blue and not orange or yellow. Check if there are any spots on or near the furnace. Inspect the metal flue for rust or holes, and make sure it’s supported properly.

It includes checking for the presence of unsafe levels of carbon monoxide and Condition of combustion chamber/heat exchanger. Inspection also consists of checking the location, setting and working of your thermostat.

2. Cleaning

Tune-up process also consists of cleaning of the unit. For this process thermostat is turned off and power plug is removed from the circuit breaker. Vacuum is used to remove the dust present inside the system.

Blades of the fan are cleaned. Remove the sides off the furnace and put few drops of oil on blower motor fan. It also includes cleaning of air filters and even pilot burners and Removing the dust and debris present inside the burner compartment.

3. Repairing the unit

Tune-up process also consists of repairing any kind of defects inside the system. The electric motor consist of rubber belts with the continuous usage these belts will develop the cracks inside them. It is necessary to get those belts replaced. Air filters are also replaced during this process. Tightening all the connections of your system is done to avoid the problem of overheating.

Replacing the batteries of your thermostat is also included in this process. If wirings are corroded then they are replaced and any other damage components inside the system are repaired or replaced.

4. Resemble

After the entire process is completed the professionals will resemble the unit and check if the unit is working properly or not.

5. Written assessment

Some of the contractors will provide you the results of your tune-up process in written form. And they also give you advices for increasing the life and efficiency of your furnace.




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