Fixing Water Leaks In Ductless Split Systems

 There are various causes for the leaking water from ductless split air conditioners. It is necessary to fix this problem to avoid any water damage.

Certain steps are to be followed to find out the cause of water leakage in your air conditioner and to fix it.

• Drip tray is full

ACs leak water when a drip tray is full and there is no way for the water to go out of the system. This problem can be solved by removing the drip tray and cleaning it.

• Blocked drain pipe

Water leakage can also be caused due to the blockage in the drain pipe. Drain pipes get blocked because dirt and grime gets accumulated inside the pipes.

Thus it is necessary to clean the drain line with the help of vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt from the system.

• Blocked outlet

There is an outlet in the ac which connects the drip tray with the pipes. This outlet gets blocked because of the dirt and starts leaking water, so it is necessary to clean this outlet.

• Unclean air filters

Cleaning of the air filter is one of the solutions to stop leakage. Cleaned air filter reduces the amount of dirt that gets collected on the coil. It necessary to clean the air filters regularly specially during hot summer days.

• Improper installation of drain pan

Water leaks from the system if the drain pans are not inclined properly. If the drain pans are inclined the water can flow downward and out of the system.

• Broken insulation of pipes

In the outside unit of the ductless air conditioner a refrigerant metering device is present to cool the supply and the return pipe so that moisture will condense from the air on the piping.

 For this reason the pipes are insulated with foam rubber if the rubber gets damaged water will start to leak. So this damaged rubber should be replaced or repaired.

It is easier to solve the problem of water leakage in ductless air conditioner once the reason for leakage is found. However this problem can be prevented from arising if air conditioner is maintained properly.




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