Electric Heat Pump

 It is a device which uses electricity to transfer heat from one source to other. In heat pump heat is absorbed from the cold place and released to the warmer place. Heat pumps provide a more continuous flow of heat and temperature. Heat pumps can cool your home by pumping the heat outside, or warm it by pulling the heat inside from the external environment.

 Use of electric heat pump eliminates the possibility of leak if the pilot light goes out, there isn’t any danger of carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas structure.

Though the initial cost of heat pump is more than the furnace but it is a single unit which will both heat and cool your home, it uses energy more efficiently only small amount of electricity is required to transfer the heat, the savings will be more than the make up for the initial high cost. Heat pump does not use electricity to generate heat it makes use of the energy available in the air.

Energy cost of heat pump is 25%-30% less than the other heating device.






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