Ductless Air Conditioner System

Ductless systems are used in the houses that do not have duct work installed. Two main components of the ductless air conditioner are outdoor compressor and the indoor air handling unit. Ductless systems are used to supply cool air to a single room or few rooms of the building. Ductless systems are easier to install and more energy efficient then a window unit. In ductless system evaporator is split from the condenser. Ductless system is similar to the central air system but, unlike central air system duct work is not required. As there are no ducts energy losses are avoided.

Installing a ductless system is easier than other air conditioning systems. When a room is added onto the house instead the duct work ductless system can be used. Ductless split systems are available in a variety of configurations through the utilization of different components.

Components of ductless system

Two main components of the ductless air conditioner are outdoor compressor and the indoor air handling unit. Outdoor unit is installed outside the house .Inner air handling unit are hung on the wall or placed in the ceiling are connected to the outdoor unit with small cables through a hole in the wall. Electricity to the indoor unit is supplied from the outdoor unit.

Working of ductless system

Outdoor unit contains compressor, condensing coil and the fan. Compressor condenses the low pressure gas to the high pressure gas. the condensing coil converts refrigerant from a high-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid. Air is drawn by the fan through the condensing coil. Fan helps dissipate the stored heat energy into the outdoor environment. Outdoor unit pumps the cool refrigerant to the indoor unit . The fan inside the unit turns and distributes the cool air. Cool air is heavier than warm air, therefore the cooled air drops, while the warmer air rises.


• Ductless unit are smaller in size and easy to operate.
• It is much more safe than a window air conditioner as there is only a small three inch hole done in the wall
• Ductless systems are of great use for the homes without central heating system.
• Electricity required is less and also it makes less noise than other HVAC components.
• Through the use of exclusive inverter technology, ductless air conditioners have the highest SEER ratings in the industry.




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