Clogged Or Dirty Air Filters

 Air filters help in removing the heat outside the unit during summer and pulling the heat inside during winter. However the main task of air filters is to clean the air coming inside the house. They remove all the dirt, dust and other components which can affect the efficiency of the system.

With the continuous use dirt and debris get collected on the filters. Air filters get dirty and need timely replacement. A clogged air filters is a cause for most of the problems.

 Problems due to dirty filters

1. Overheating

When the air filters are clogged the air handler is forced to work harder to make up for the loss of air. Energy requirement of your HVAC unit is mostly depended on blower fan. When the air filters are blocked the lower fan is forced to work harder and results in higher bills.

2. Iced up coils

Evaporator coils absorbs heat energy from the unit and if the air flow is blocked due to dirty coils your evaporator coils may not be able to receive enough heat so the water vapor present on the coil starts freezing and your coils freeze up.

3. Impure air

Air filters make sure that air circulating inside the house is free of dust and dirt, if the filters are clogged they may not be able to the clean air as a result impure air will be reaching inside the house.

4. Dirt build up inside the system

Dirty air filters result in dirty coils and dirty components inside the system. They block the air flow which reduces the energy efficiency of the system.

5. Failure of system

One of the main reasons why your HVAC system fails is dirty air filters. It is one of the most expensive damage done to the system because the dirty air filters.

 Why to change filters?

Changing the filters is not the most difficult task and also it does not take much of the time to replace the air filters. Looking at the amount of damage they can do to your system it is always advisable to change the filters.

Air filters should be changed every month if you have a high quality filter it can be changed every three months. Cleaned air filters can have following advantages

• Higher energy efficiency

• Extends the life of your HVAC system

• Prevent dirt, debris and other harmful particles from entering your home.

• If the filters are cleaned motor will not have to blower work harder to cool the room.

• Cleaned air filters keep your HVAC system clean.

• Cleaned air filter is the one of the most simple procedure to save the money of your home by reducing the energy consumption.



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