Causes Of Heat Pump Icing Up In Summer

 It is not normal to see the heat pump or air conditioner icing up during summer. There are several factors which can cause your air conditioner or heat pump to ice up during summer seeing the ice building up on the air conditioner in the hot temperature isn’t a good sign.

Several reasons why the air conditioner ices up during summer are

1. Low refrigerant

This is one of the most common causes of your air conditioner freezing up during summer. Re in summer refrigerant cycle is used to remove the heat outside from inside the housed.

When the amount of refrigerant is reduced the pressure drops down then the normal pressure and the ice forms on the heat pump.
Amount of refrigerant is reduced due to the leakage in the system. If find out any leak it is preferable to call out the professional to fix it.

 2. Blocked air flow

The evaporator coil of your heat pump freezes up due to blocked air flow. When there isn’t sufficient amount of heat flowing in the system ice is formed on the evaporator coil. It makes the compressor to work harder. Air flow is restricted due to following reasons.

• Dirty air filters

• Clogged or blocked air ducts

• Overheated motor.

 3. Dirty evaporator coil

Evaporator coil is wet at the time system operation the dirt can stick around the coil easily and can develop ice around your air conditioner or heat pump.

4. Other reasons

Various other reasons like bad indoor fan motor, broken fan belt, blocked capillary tube or faulty thermostat can frozen your system.

To prevent this problem

• Check the refrigerant level.
• Clean the air filter.
• Check the thermostat.
• Yearly maintenance of your system.
• Make sure that there is no restricted air flow in the system.





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