Cause Of Weird Noises Of Air Conditioner

 Like any equipment, your air conditioners sometime make weird noises. There are various reasons why your air conditioner is making noises.

• The most common noise coming out of system is quite humming of machine which ensures proper functioning of system.

• Screeching noises coming out of the blower motor indicates the bearing problem in the motor. 

• Roaring sound can be heard coming from the duct work this indicates the air leak in your duct work.

• Bubbling sound coming from the system usually means refrigerant leak inside the system or the sign of low refrigerant.

• Clicking noises from relays & controls can be heard at either the compressor or at the indoor air handler unit that sound can be loose hardware.

• There might be chance that small animals might have entered into the system and making different types of noises.

• A fast thwapping sound when the blower is running, something may be stuck in the blower blades.

• Harsh grinding sound coming from the unit indicates trouble in the compressor.

• Ticking sound can be heard from the table indicating a bent fan blade.

• Leaks around the return air register are common and sometimes noisy, perhaps due to a poorly-fit air filter or gasket.

 • Humming sound coming from the air conditioner indicates that the capacitor needs to be replaced.

• Other reason for the grinding sound is that the fan blade has become loose.

• Rattling sound comes because of the loosen components.

• Clicking noises which are heard come from the control panel or the outside compressor.

• Whistling noises coming from the air conditioner are due to air leaks.

• Loud noises are the sign of something unusual happening to your air conditioner.

Air conditioner may operate in the same way even with these noises. Don’t just tolerate the sound and try your best to ignore it. Contacting a professional technician for an inspection is the best step to take.





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