Basics Of Installing An Air Source Heat Pumps

The air source heat pumps trap heat present in the surrounding and then concentrate it to a higher temperature. This heat is used to warm the rooms as well as produce hot water. The hot air from air source heat pumps is usually distributed in the rooms through under-floor heating, low temperature radiators or warm air convectors. These distribution systems contribute to a great deal in cutting down your utility bills.

Some people are a bit sceptical as to how an air source heat pump takes heat from the atmosphere when the temperature dips below zero. Yes, they can. However the fact remains that these heat pumps do have a higher level of efficiency at slightly warmer temperatures than this.

Installing Air Source Heat Pumps

Before you install an air source heat pump, you should ensure that the installer you hire is MCS accredited. The installer will select a place on the outside wall of the house to mount the air handling unit. These units make a bit of noise therefore they have to place it in location that is at reasonable distance from your bedroom. You can get the decibel rating of the unit checked and models with a cover are generally quieter.

Installing air source heat pumps is easier than ground source heat pumps. However here are some installation tips that are worth looking into.

• Air source heat pumps should not be installed in a house where the insulation level is fairly bad. Houses that do not have any record about age of the distribution system should not risk installing them. Air source heat pumps produce heat at a temperature lower than conventional systems. These are more suited for homes that are insulated well and are fairly airtight.

• The location that you chose for installing the air handler outside the house should be one that gets good flow of air. The place should be sunny. The unit can be mounted on a wall or made to stand on ground with rubber pads.

• If your air source heat pumps work on air to water mechanism then radiators or under floor heat distribution system are best for them. For air- to-air heat pumps you will need to consider the fans and ducting needed to distribute the heat.

• If you get the installation of the air source heat pump done when building your house, you can save a good deal on its installation.




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