Air Conditioner Filters For Allergies

 Air conditioner filters are designed for the people who are suffering from asthma or allergies problem. These filters help in cleaning the air so that peoples sitting inside the house can breathe easily.

Air conditioners filters should be replaced once in two or three months. It is necessary to replace the air filters at regular intervals because a dirty air filter can result in the failure of HVAC system.

These filters make sure that the air which reaches the house doesn’t contain any pollutant or dust particles.A high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) air filters can be most effective filtration system.

 Types of air filters

1. Mechanical filters

A mechanical air filter is normally for home use. Synthetic fibers are used in this system to trap the dust particles. These filters are of two sizes 1inch and 2 inch. Mechanical air filters are most economical but least effective.

Charcoal filters use mechanical methods to trap the particles in the air. High efficiency particulate air is one of the best mechanical filters.

 2. Pleated filters

Pleated filters can remove up to 40 percent of the impurities from the air. Pleated air filters are better than mechanical filters. These filters have more fiber than ordinary filter which help to catch the dust particles more easily.

The drawback of this system is high amount of fiber glass can cause respiratory problems to the people so It is not advisable to use these systems.

 3. Electronic filters.

Electronic filters are more expensive than other systems. These systems use electrical charges to attract the allergens and impurities present in the air. This system is most effective is most effective in collecting the dust.

Electronic filters are manufactured in two different sizes to meet the needs. This filter last longer than other filters. An electronic air filter lasts up to six months.

Electronic filter can remove 90 percent of the impurities present in the air. However electronic filters produce dangerous ozone substances.

 4. Electrostatic air filters.

Electrostatic air filters are effective in dealing with various form of waste. Electrostatic air filters charge the air with static energy to attract the impurities form the air.

 Why to clean air filters?

• Dirty air filters result in reducing energy efficiency.
• One of the best ways to reduce energy bills is to clean your air filters.
• Dirty air system makes the air conditioner work harder.
• Dirty air filter stop the air flow inside the air handler.
• Clean air filters are profitable for your health as well as your wallet.


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