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Blog Title: What are commercial hvac systems?
What are commercial hvac air conditioners?
Category: Window Air Conditioner Repairs Post By: PHYLLIS RUSSELL (Hilger, NC), 09/30/2014

They are basically what the name says. Commercial hvac systems are air conditioners which are specifically designed for commercial/business purposes such as banks, restaurants, offices, hotels and such. These systems usually come with options of high BTUs compared to the ones that we use at home. For example, PTAC air conditioners are a type of commercial hvac. They are usually used in hotels/motels. Huge central air conditioners with 10 ton 11 ton capacity are usually used for office spaces and such. There is a lot more to it, but you get the idea.

- RACHEL GRAY (Durbin, MO), 10/04/2014
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