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Blog Title: Components of Split Air Conditioning systems
What are the main components of Split Air Conditioning Systems?
Category: Geothermal Heat & Air Units Post By: DANIEL ANDERSON (Jacksonville, FL), 04/15/2016

"Split systems are classic and traditional types of HVAC systems, in which at least one unit sits inside of your room, and compressor sits on brackets hung to wall or ground outside of room. Or in other words we can say it is a combination of an indoor air handling unit and outdoor condensing unit. The indoor contains supply air fan and cooling coil and expensive device. The outdoor unit contains a compressor and condenser coil. They are mostly found in small commercial or residential buildings. The main components are… An air conditioner that cools the refrigerant. Furnaces and a fan or evaporator coil to convert the refrigerant and circulate the air. Ducts that carry air all through your building. A control panel/thermostat to manage the system. The occasional optional accessories for quality indoor air such as air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers, UV lamps. "

- CATHY D (El Paso, TX), 04/20/2016
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